Season 1, Episode 4


Hear Angel

For the first episode of 2021 we talk to Stephen Wheatley, the CEO and founder of HearAngel.  They’ve spent the last 10 years developing a product that will help save the hearing of people who use headphones, and now technology is ready to scale.

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Daniel De Wolf

Stephen Wheatley 


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About This Episode

In the first episode this year we talk to Stephen Wheatley, the CEO and founder of HearAngel, a business who want to save the hearing of headphones users.  Having suffered damage to his hearing personally he’s well placed to know what the potential effect is.

He’s spent the past decade building the technology that sits behind HearAngel to a level that they can now bring to market a tool we can use to help preserve our hearing.  They’re ready to take the next step in the development and are looking for funding to make that happen.

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